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Women are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.  We are survivors.

And we can have the life we want, but it does take some hard work, a lot of time, and a lot of patience.

I have always had a passion for helping others, but I am especially drawn to helping other women who may be going through some of the struggles I have experienced myself and to show them there is a way to free themselves from their psychological chains, and to remain free for the rest of their lives. 

"What if coaching doesn't work for me?" 

I've learned that in order for good things to come your way, you have to believe you deserve them.  

You have to start by taking the first step and that begins by letting go of any attachment to your story.

You are not imprisoned by your past.  

I think the real fear comes with the question,

"What if it DOES work?"  

What if you see real change?  What if you achieve everything you want to achieve?  What if all the crap in your life gets flushed down the toilet and you are left an empowered woman who knows her worth?


This is something I struggled with myself for many years.  My trauma had become my comfort zone and it took some hard, life lessons before I was able to start building up my self-esteem.  

{read My Story for more about my journey.}



Growing into the amazing woman you were always meant to be can be scary, but until you take steps towards your own transformation and face your fears of really being seen, you will continue to live in scarcity and pain.


I want better for you and so do all the people who love you.  Let the fear go and embrace the possibilities. 

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

- Carl Jung -

As children, we don’t have a lot of control over what happens to us or when it happens,

 and ultimately the effect it has on our lives.

As adults, we write a lot of our story ourselves. The secret to making your story a great one is to start working from the inside out. You can acknowledge all you have to offer the world, or you can focus on what you don’t like. You can decide if a misstep is a failure or a learning experience.

What stories do you tell yourself about who you are?

Trauma manifests in our physical body.  We chronically feel unsafe and as an attempt to control these emotions, manifest all sorts of health problems. We detach ourselves from our own intuition in an effort to either fill a void or numb our pain.
Becoming physically self-aware is the first step to healing, finding our voice and feeling empowered. 

What stereotypes or patterns of behavior have you adopted because of things that happened in the past?


Those patterns of behavior that are learned at an early age very quickly turn into self- fulfilling prophecies. If you believe those stories about yourself, that is how you are going to act and you are never going to achieve anything different.


The key is to choose the right things to focus on. None of us can call a redo on our past, but we do have control over our actions right now. And now. And now......

That’s not to say your past doesn’t matter or there is some magic pill that will make it all disappear.

But how much of your time you give it and allow it to affect your present is up to you.

If you are willing to take the first step towards healing, you will be on your way to loving all of you.

Regaining your power can take time...

and true healing takes patience, fortitude and a real desire for change.

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