It's that time of year again...Valentine's Day.  Somewhere along the line it was decided that Valentine's was going to be a day dedicated to the couple, so if you are out there and you are single, February 14th is nothing but a reminder of just how "single" you really are.  Despite having been married and coupled through many a V-Days, the best memories I have are the times when I spent the day celebrating with friends...hands down. For the past 2 years, I have celebrated the holiday by watching House of Cards and stuffing my face with chocolate with one of my girlfriends and I wouldn't trade those memories for anything.


You may never be able to take Valentine's Day away from the couples and why would you want to?  One day you will be in a relationship with the man of your dreams and want to spend a romantic evening surrounded by chocolate, hearts and bubble baths but right now that man seems out of sight and all you want to do is watch Netflix with a bottle of wine.


 Before you have a meltdown or panic attack, here are some ways to make your February 14th a day just for you.



1. Pamper Yourself.  

This isn't your normal quick mani-pedi after work sort of pamper yourself day...go all out. Book a massage or get a facial.  Invite a friend to come with you and make it a girls day. Make sure to get your hair done, even if it is just a blowout, put on some makeup and that sexy little black dress that is collecting dust in your closet.  Even if you just end up watching House of Cards (like i usually do) at least you will look and feel awesome doing it.


2. Be With Friends.  

As we get older, it is true that a lot of our friends may be married or already coupled but, most of us have another girlfriend who is also trying to ignore the upcoming holiday like a bad rash.  Get together, dress up and go out!  I know you probably just read that and rolled your eyes but, Valentine's Day is actually a great day to hit the town because there are always a lot of singles out having fun. It is a great way to meet new people and who knows, maybe your soulmate.  At the very least, it's an opportunity to let loose with your Bestie and look hot doing it.


3. Throw Out All Expectations.

Expectations can be stressful even when you are partnered and often only lead to disappointment. Instead, set an intention such as: I will have an awesome day today!  This will put you in the right frame of mind to really enjoy yourself.  Whether you choose to stay in and relax or enjoy a night out, be willing and open to accept whatever the day brings.


No matter how you choose to spend your day, remember Valentine's Day is a celebration of love...all types of love.  This is a wonderful day to call your parents and tell them how much you appreciate them or to make cut-out hearts and have a dance party with your kids.  Random acts of kindness always find their way back to us so, practice paying it forward everyday.



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