It's a Piggie, Gerald and Dr. Seuss Kind of Day

I LOVE books!!! I always have. When i was a little girl i would shut myself in my room for hours and just read, really. Yes, i was that annoying, nerdy kid. But, i am so happy and proud that i passed on the love of literature to my two daughters.

Living in Park Slope, land of children, there is an abundance of book stores, story time hours and sing a' longs. Of course, my girls always choose trusty Barnes and Nobles since they get to read AND eat brownies (plus i will say it is nice to get my latte to keep the afternoon moving). They race to find the perfect little reading nook and then they each go and collect their chosen books. We read, laugh and eat sugar!!

As a mother, bonding with our children in anyway is vital to their well being and ours. Reading to our kids has so many benefits:

  • Helps develop speech

  • Betters communication skills

  • Encourages academic excellence

  • Strengthens self-esteem

  • Enhances concentration

  • It's Fun!!!

When the day is too cold or rainy to play outside or if you just need a break from the chaos that is the playground, go to your local bookstore or library and spend some time reading to your children. If that isn't possible then make a comfy little reading nook somewhere in your house/apartment and enjoy some bonding time with your child and their favorite book. And most of all have fun! Because, that is what #reading should be!

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