We all have seen her. She always looks so stylish and put together that it is hard to tell if she is going somewhere amazing or coming back. Her shoes are always fabulous despite the fact that she is running around with her kid. She is the “hot” mom. This rare species can usually be found with her young at the playground or school pick-ups and drop-offs.

Let me first remind you that it really is the inside that counts...really! But, that doesn’t mean we, especially us moms, don’t want and need to look awesome. Because when we look and feel great, we perform better as mothers, partners, at the job,...

When I was younger I would always get so excited for the end of the school year to arrive. Summer vacation was here!! Then I became a parent. Being able to spend quality travel time with my children is such an amazing blessing, but can also be a bit anxiety inducing if you are unprepared. Being a “grown-up” can make it really easy to get into the habit of doing all the planning, preparation and booking because if we don’t do it ourselves no one will do it for us…right? That’s mostly true; however, it can be really fun for you and your child/children to brainstorm fun and exciting vacation options...

It is summer. It is hot as hades and most of us dream of rooftop pools or laying on a private beach while reading our favorite novel and listening to the sound of the waves. But wait, how can i do these things if i am a parent. Well, the quick answer is to keep dreaming until the kids are off to college but, in the meantime there are ways you can make a summer beach day fun and relaxing for the entire family!

First and probably most importantly, do not wait until the day of the trip to pack!! I have talked to so many parents who throw what they think they need in a bag the morning of the trip only...

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